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Valentine's Thai Massage for Couples Workshop


Feb 16th, 2019 

On this Valentine's weekend, you and your partner can learn to give and receive from each other basic Thai massage in a beautiful intimate setting by the waters. It would be a fun and memorable 3 hour experience where you would acquire a useful skill to take care of your loved ones, ending with a relaxing sound bath meditation.


This ancient Thai healing art form is convenient to perform without the need of using oil or removal of clothing. It consists of compression and pressing on points along the energy lines of the body. This basic class includes some gentle stretching.


Not exclusively for couples, your partner for this workshop could also be a friend or family member.


What is included:


- learn basic full body Thai massage on comfortable massage mats on the floor

- learn proper body mechanics so you don't have to strain or tire out yourself while giving

- learn safe and effective techniques

- instruction handbook

- sound bath meditation with singing bowls

- finely selected and homemade snacks, chocolate and tea


What to expect:


- improve your relationship and communication with your partner

- deeper connection and intimacy with your partner

- deeper listening and awareness

- relaxation and destress

- released muscle tension

- opened heart and bliss

- acquiring a new skill that can help others

- learning about your own and other's body

- more confidence in your massage skills to satisfy your partner

- lots of fun


As it is taught on massage floor mats, participants should be physically fit enough to be kneeling and sitting on heels. Props can be offered for more comfort and to help with inflexibility for most people.


Please bring comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing. Thai pants could be provided upon request.



Feb 16th, 2019




$125 + GST per person

Full payment required for registration, non-refundable, transferrable.



Ocean Breath Yoga on Granville Island

1521 Foreshore walk, Maritime Market


Taught by:

Constance Au


Very limited space: 6-8 participants only!

Please register by contacting 778 • 819 • 6833 or <hello(at)>

Facebook event page

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