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Intro to Himalayan Singing Bowls

with Constance

Sep 15th, 2024
at Heartspace Massage and Healing Arts
Vancouver, BC


Learn various techniques in Himalayan Singing Bowls to promote healing and relaxation for self and others. Perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to incorporate bowls into personal and/or professional lives.

What you would learn:

•Brief history and benefits of singing bowls
•Proper techniques in rubbing, striking and playing the singing bowls
•Use singing bowls as a personal meditation practice
•Attentive listening
•Self sound massage with one singing bowl
•Back massage technique with two bowls
•Aura cleansing
•Space cleansing
•Chakra balancing
•To offer sound journeys in a group setting
•To offer one-on-one sound healing sessions on and off the body
•Simple and practical exercises with bowls to integrate them as a therapist
•Introduction to other instruments to compliment the experience of the bowls

Suitable for anyone, especially yoga and meditation practitioners/ teachers, bodyworkers, massage practitioners or other holistic health practitioners/ therapists, wellness enthusiasts.

Quality singing bowls are provided for in-class practice and available for purchase.

Certification from Heartspace Institute of Massage and Healing Arts and booklet are provided.

Prerequisite: none
Capacity: 4 only!

Investment: $250

E-transfer is best.
Refund before 7 days, after no refund but transferrable.

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